"El hombre nuevo es aquél que sabe luchar en el auge y en el repliegue, en la victoria parcial o en el revés temporal. Debe luchar, aún sabiendo que la victoria final no está próxima o que incluso no la verá. La lucha de los trabajadores exige no solo interpretar el mundo, sino transformarlo".




The resolutions of the meeting of Association of Alternative Unionism served to advance the process of integration and coordination of unions alternativos.O rich debate resulted in the adoption, by agreement of the majority of those present, two major resolutions, which synthesize the buildup between organizations until time.
The first, a declaration that expresses the general principles that motivate the unity and integration of movements gathered in Saint Denis, the type of unionism that entities present advocate (fighting, democratic, independent of governments and employers, internationalist) and is the As of now UNION NETWORK INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY AND STRUGGLES. This letter is open to new members.

And the second, a manifesto being worked on by the organizations on the 1st May, international day of struggle of workers, pointing a program facing the effects of the economic crisis and a workers’ alternative, which involves the defense of the suspension of payment of external debt, the protection of labor rights and social security, employment and other social, nationalization of financial systems, internationalization of struggles and rejection of all governments to implement austerity plans and attacks on workers and peoples of the world.

It also defends the manifesto the right to self-determination of peoples, especially the Palestinian struggle and the people sarauhi (Western Sahara), the rejection of all forms of oppression and prejudice the rights of youth among other flags.

Next in international organization

The meeting also meant a step forward in the organization of common struggles, defining four campaigns such as power in the next period.
First, the common union struggles against the crisis and its consequences (layoffs, casualization, attacks on public services etc.).. Second, the rights of trade union organization and the struggle against the criminalization of social movements and anti-union repression. Third, develop an action of international solidarity with the Palestinian people. And fourth, the fight for equal rights, whose center is the struggle against the oppression of women.
Finally, referrals were also gifted to advance the struggles that drive, including the maintenance of the web page created for the event, which will be modified from the definition of network launch international union, a first division sectoral monitoring works intercategorias and operation and co-ordination, which consists of the central and convened a meeting open to interested parties, which will meet every six months.
The Solidaires taken immediately, the professional organization of three sectors: health workers in communication centers – call centers – and rail transportation. For CSP-Conlutas was shown to assume the coordination of civil construction, automobile and metallurgy and work among women.
Several sectoral meetings took place during the meeting, among them the education sector, very broad, well beyond the Representative, as metallurgists, health, banking, transport, youth organizations, among others.
Sebastiao Carlos “Cocoa”, Saint Denis, Paris / France

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